Maintain your well being with these yoga poses
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Maintain your well being with these yoga poses

In Sushma Kriya, sit in a swivel seating and put both of your palms on your shoulders.

Maintain your well being with these yoga poses

It is making us cry to take off our blankets and go to work because of the extreme temperature drop lately. This daily routine of ours has lead to minimal physical activities. Nowadays our lifestyle is more about desk bounded and we sit for hours to do our work. This creates body pain, gaining of fat and digestion problem.

If you are someone who is suffering from such problems and trying to find out a solution for that, do not worry. We have brought you some yoga aasanas to make you more fit. "The lifestyle nowadays is a huge problem to most of our issues in the body. Due to less physical movement, we have become a home to many problems. With some simple yoga poses you can get rid of these problems without any side effects. Not only physically but yoga is a great way to improve your mental health," says Rakesh Mehra, founder of Yogseed and a resident of Dwarka Sec 10.

Here are 5 yoga poses you can try at home:

Sukshma Kriya for shoulder

Sit in a swivel seating and put both of your palms on your shoulders. Move it forward and backwards slowly to create a motion in the shoulder joint. Stretch your spine and keep it erect and breathe slowly.

Manduka Insulin Aasan for stomach

In winters, we eat a lot of junk to cherish the winter but it stresses our stomach. We drink less water and that creates a lot of digestion problems. Bend your legs and sit on them. Make a feast from both of your hands and put it on your pelvis and press it gently. Bend down putting your hands on your pelvis and perform kapalbharti (skull-polishing) in that position. These will also be affecting diabetes patients.

Utkatasana for lower body fat

This will help you to let your body work on the lower part of body fat. Sit in a chair pose. Join your hands and stretch your hands up. Join your legs and sit in a chair pose bending your knees. Make sure your pelvis is 90 degrees parallel to the floor. Focus on your stretch and you must make sure that your spine remains erect.

Sukshma Kriya for Neck

Tired of neck pain? Try this yoga pose. Sit in a swivel seating and move your neck in side by side motion slowly. Keep your spine erect. Then move your neck front and back to make a proper movement in all directions from the neck joint.

Gomukhasan for backbone and hand stretching

This is for your entire body. Fold your legs just like to keep it one above the other. Keep your hands folded in the backside in a manner that touches each other. Stretch your hands and keep your spine erect. Stretch your head up straight in front.