Best places in Noida for Biryani
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Best places in Noida for Biryani

Biryani Blues is a restaurant chain that has a wide variety of biryanis on their menu

Best places in Noida for Biryani

A perfect combination of spices, scents, and flavors come in together to make a biryani. It certainly is a dish no one can resist it. Noida is home to a wide variety of restaurants, including 5-star hotels and little street vendors selling mouthwatering plates of biryani that you should give a try. Here are some of our best picks-


You can choose from a wide selection of delectable classic Indian meals, such as biryani, on the menu at Karim's restaurant. With its quiet atmosphere, this elegant restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a meal at your own pace. Try some of their scrumptious halal specialties, such as the mouthwatering curry and keema.

Location- G Block, Shanthala Nagar, Sector 18, Noida Sector 18, Noida
Price- Rs. 1100 for two

Bikkgane Biryani

By only using fresh ingredients, this restaurant chain prepares a fulfilling and tasty biryani. Try their signature biryani dish, which will have you going back for more. Their Dum Hyderabadi biryani and Lucknowi Chicken Biryani are a must try.

Location- G24, Sector 18 Market, Noida District, Gautam Buddha Nagar, and sector 63 Noida
Price- Rs. 650 for two

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Go! Biryani

Go! Biryani is becoming a popular spot to have biryani because of its wide range of authentic, delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryani options. This restaurant is known for its big portions and tasty specialties. On the menu, there are dishes that can't be found anywhere else, like their special and favorite well-seasoned biryani. The quiet atmosphere adds to the perfect setting for a great meal.

Location- Shop no 22, Ground Floor, Ganga Shopping Complex, Sector 29, Noida
Price- Rs. 500 for two

Behrouz Biryani

The Behrouz Biryani restaurants are committed to providing you with the best flavorful treats in town. The biryani, which comes in a variety of flavors and portions, is their specialty. Kebabs, beverages, and other combos are also offered on their mouthwatering menu.

Location- Sector 2, sector 41, and Sector 83 Noida
Price- Rs.800 for two

Biryani Blues

This restaurant chain has a wide variety of biryanis on their menu. They can serve you the most delicious Hyderabadi food, like your favorite chicken biryanis, which taste authentic and delicious. Their excellent ambiance and a roomy seating arrangement add to the relaxing dining experience.

Location- B 1/52, B block, Central Market, Sector 50 Noida
Price- Rs. 600 for two

Zauk Biryani & More

Zauk Biryani & More has a calming ambiance that makes it a great spot to unwind and eat biryani. You can order their starters, desserts, and traditional Indian-Afghani cuisine at this restaurant, including biryani and chicken curries such as Murgh Irani. The eatery is renowned for offering high-quality, fresh meals. You can have a great meal if you get great service and a lot of tasty food.

Location-  D-85/6, Sector 51, Noida
Price-  Rs. 500 for two

Biryani By Kilo

This is a classy restaurant serving genuine Hyderabadi and other types of biryani made with the finest ingredients. There are also a lot of tasty options on the menu, like kebabs, kormas, and curries, as well as soft drinks and different kinds of vegetables.

Location- 2/18, Dadri Main Rd, Aghapur, Sector 41, and sector 63 Noida
Price- Rs. 900 for two