Beautiful Airbnbs in India for a picture-perfect stay
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Beautiful Airbnbs in India for a picture-perfect stay

The Lazy Patio in Hauz Khas village is tucked away in a quiet corner, far from Delhi's chaos

Beautiful Airbnbs in India for a picture-perfect stay

The newest trend for vacationers to partake in is staying in the distinctive and stunning properties listed on Airbnb. Airbnb has evolved into a repository of some of the most charming properties, so the days when it was only about homestays are long gone. In addition to all the wonderful properties under the company's global banner, it also shares some of the most romantic places to stay. Here are some of out best picks across India-

Mistletoe Homestay, Munnar

Credit: LBB

 The hosts here have made sure that their guests can enjoy both the beauty of natural landmarks and the conveniences of modern life during their stay. This property has 5 bedrooms, plenty of common areas, a sprawling garden, and an incredible viewing deck that overlooks Munnar's glorious Kanan Devan Hills. You can also enjoy some delectable home-cooked meals and wood-fired baked goods from their bakery kitchen.

Location- Munnar , Kerela
Price- Rs. 7000 approx

Wow Romantic Tree House, Goa

Credit: GoGoaNow

When visiting Goa, the captivating idea of staying in a treehouse is an unforgettable attraction, and this specific place checks all the boxes for everyone. This building has many stories and is surrounded by lots of trees and plants. It has an outdoor dining area, a quiet garden, a bedroom on a platform between two tall trees, and much more. The lovely interiors combined with the welcoming environment provided by the wonderful hosts make this stay even more memorable.

Location- Goa
Price- Rs. 8000 approx

The Lazy Patio, Hauz Khas

Credit: Whatshot

This lovely Airbnb in Hauz Khas Village is tucked away in a quiet corner, far from Delhi's chaos. The Lazy Patio is as laid-back as its name implies. It has three cozy bedrooms, a dining area, and a large terrace overlooking Hauz Khas Lake and lush vegetation. One of their rooms has two walls of ceiling-to-floor windows that overlook the lake, so you can cuddle with your partner or pets while watching the lake sparkle.

Location- Hauz Khas, New Delhi
Price- Rs. 15,000 approx

Kankarwa Haveli, Udaipur

Credit: Kankarwa Haveli

This historic and cultural place is a typical Rajasthani Haveli from the early 19th century. Kankarwa Haveli, an ancient urban house of the Kankarwa family, is now a luxurious hotel for tourists. This heritage place offers peace and royalty. The rooms have Rajasthani architecture and a beautiful lake view.

Location-  Udaipur, Rajasthan
Price- Rs.7000 approx

La Belle Vie, Nainital

Credit: My vanity reiews

La Belle Vie is a beautiful and spacious bungalow in Nainital's dense forest. This property, with its appealing features, is another great weekend getaway from the city. This place is delightful, from colonial-style decor to cozy lofts for private time with your partner. Their tiny lawn and viewing deck are perfect for gossiping over tea.

Location-  Nainital, Uttrakhand
Price- Rs.20,000 approx.

Woodhouse Farm, Mukteshwar

Credit: Trivago

Woodhouse Farm is a charming farmstay for city dwellers to relax and unwind. This place's interior has classy furnishings, an elegant wooden finish, and massive floor space for up to 9 guests. It is in a quiet village and is worth a visit for travelers.

Location- Mukteshwar, Uttrakhand
Price- Rs. 38,000 approx

Meena Bagh Residency, Shimla


In the beautiful city of Shimla is this even more beautiful stay with himachali mud-plastered walls. While sipping coffee and snuggling under a blanket, this place offers stunning views of the snow-capped hills. It could be a great place to stay if you have a high budget for your trip to the mountains.

Location-  Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Price- Rs.30,000 approx.