Cases of water metre theft on the rise in Dwarka societies
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Cases of water metre theft on the rise in Dwarka societies

40 water metres were stolen from Bharat Apartments, Sector 16B just opposite to Studio Apartments

Cases of water metre theft on the rise in Dwarka societies

Dwarka: Water metres are on the target of thieves these days in Dwarka. Societies are facing problems as such water metres are continuously being stolen by thieves. Not only this, thieves are also targeting booster motors too. 

RWAs of various DDA pockets in the city have lodged a complaint to the police and urged to take immediate and effective action. Today a message was circulated by Ramesh Mumukshu, general secretary of RWA Studio Apartments, Sector 16 B with two video clips showing how thieves were stealing water meters and booster motors. Ramesh told CitySpidey, “Recently, five cases of metres and motors’ theft happened in the society and now RWA is doing its work to stop such incidents.”

He further says, “With the help of residents, we are now making efforts to protect such metres and somehow we are successful till now. I am surprised why they’re targeting metres as there is nothing valuable in these metres for them.”

CitySpidey gathered that some more such cases of theft were reported from Bharat Apartments Sector 16 B just opposite to Studio Apartments. People informed that at least 40 water metres were stolen from the society. A resident Anil Dhyani says, “Last week, theft of metres was reported in our society.”

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Cases of water metre theft have almost doubled in the last one year. Such incidents were reported in different societies such as Peepal Apartments Sector 17E, Rosewood Apartments, Sector 13, DDA pockets Sector 17D etc.

At Rosewood Apartments, after stealing the metre when the thief was trying to escape, residents caught him and handed over to the police on 29 April, 2022. President of RWA, Prithpal Singh said, “In April, 17 meters were stolen and on 29 April six meters were stolen. Fortunately the thief was caught and all six metres were recovered from him. We called police and handed over the thief and the metres. We also made a formal complaint to the police.”