Water meters on target of thieves in Dwarka
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Water meters on target of thieves in Dwarka

A total of 23 meters were stolen in the month of April 2022 from Rosewood apartments, sector 13

Water meters on target of thieves in Dwarka

Water meters are the new target of thieves these days in Dwarka. On 29 April, several societies were on target as the thieves stole water meters. As gathered, at Peepal Apartments Sector 17-E and at Rosewood Apartments Sector 13 water meters were stolen. Also, some people informed that thieves also stole some meters in Sector 17-D.

After stealing the water meter at Rosewood Apartments, when the thief was trying to run away, the residents caught him and handed him over to the police on 29 April. President of RWA, Prithpal Singh says, “ A couple of weeks back in April, almost 17 meters were stolen and on 29 April, total 06 six meters were stolen in one day. Fortunately, when the six meters were being taken away, we caught the thief and in his bag, we found six meters. We called the police and handed over the thief and meters. We also filed a formal complaint with the police regarding this issue.”

Prithpal further added, "The societies are on target of thieves and there is a need to keep surveillance for each other. We have our general body meeting on May 8, 2022, and we will discuss the subject of making an effective security system with the help of residents.”

RWA of Peepal Apartments has also registered a complaint in Dwarka North Police Station about the theft of water meters from the society.