Healthy communication is the core of all healthy relationships
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Healthy communication is the core of all healthy relationships

These days, stories of early separation and marriage breakdown are common

Healthy communication is the core of all healthy relationships

New Delhi: Relationships can suffer in current times of various priorities and never-ending to-do lists owing to a lack of honest communication and enough quality time, and even the most compatible partners may experience a split. These days, stories of early separation and marriage breakdown are common. One of the reasons could be the absence of quality time necessary to create a relationship's core during its initial stages. The difficulty of achieving work-life balance leaves couples with unmanaged stress, which can eventually have a devastating effect on their relationship.

We talked to Gazal Choudhary, a practicing psychologist and life skill trainer about how to encourage children to communicate their grief. Here are some points shared by her:

Use direct interaction

Healthy communication is the core of all healthy relationships. If you feel heard and accepted, it creates a sense of security in the relationship. Instead of bottling up your feelings or striking out in anger when things go wrong, practice honest and polite communication with your partner. This will demonstrate to your spouse that you're willing to be vulnerable with them and create an atmosphere where they feel safe enough to do so as well.

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Spend time with one another

Life might be hectic at times, especially if you have children or numerous jobs, but it's important to set aside time for you and your partner so often. Spending meaningful one-on-one time can help build your relationship and revive feelings of closeness. This is true whether you're out on a date or simply spending some quiet time at home.

Appreciate and encourage 

Communicating to your partner how much you value their existence in your life will go a long way toward creating intimacy in your relationship. Likewise, supporting each other's ambitions and dreams and being truly interested in what they desire to accomplish moves the focus from routine day-to-day concerns to something that provides you both joy and meaning. This will enhance your bond as a pair and bring you both personal happiness.

Respect personal space and limits

Boundaries are essential for the emotional development of all good relationships. Respect one other's limits by providing space when necessary, without taking it personally or suspecting your spouse. And if there is ever a problem, never hesitate to ask questions – communication is essential.

Make the time for love and connection

Lastly, do not forget about romance. Connection is not only physical but also emotional. Make sure to schedule regular time for expressions of love such as hugging, and holding hands, which will offer both sides something to look to each day. Moreover, these tiny gestures might help us remember why we fell in love with our spouses in the first place.