What are you doing this weekend?
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What are you doing this weekend?

City Spidey gives you the low-down on the three hippest events in town. Eat, pray, love!

What are you doing this weekend?

1. Noida Flower Show:

The 30th Noida Flower Show is going eco-friendly this year, with focus on air-purifying plants, especially those that can be used indoors.

When: Feb 26-28; 9am-7pm.

Where: Football Grounds, Noida Stadium, Sector 21A 

Why you should go: With pollution in the city reaching alarming levels, it's a good idea to know about air-purifying plants. Plus, there will be 600 varieties of flowers on display, prizes for participants in 40 categories, and cultural events every evening.

2. Noida’s Taste Fest:

Food tasting, cooking competitions, a mini market and dance shows. Now, that's quite a draw.

When: Feb 26-28; 11am-10pm.

Where: Noida Stadium, Sector 21A (That's right, check out the flowers, and then grab a bite!).

Why you should go: In addition to a guaranteed sumptuous spread, the fest will have interesting cooking contests such as biryani, pasta and sherbet making. Pizza-eating and beverage-gulping competitions are also on the list.

3. Weekend pottery session with Mrs Meena Vohra:

Let Mrs Meena Vohra, a studio potter and a ceramic artist based in Noida, show you how pottery is not only art, but also meditation.

When: Feb 28; 11am-2pm. 

Where: D 78, Sector 21, Noida.

Why you should go: Because it's fun! When we were kids, we would spend hours playing with mud or moulding clay. Why not now? Just remember to wear something you don't mind getting dirty in and clip your fingernails. Each session costs you Rs 1,200. There are only four spots left for registration, so you better hurry!

To register, visit: http://www.zaprest.com/experience/Meenavohraclay