Bollywood Movies that will inspire the traveler in you
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Bollywood Movies that will inspire the traveler in you

Here are seven Indian films we've chosen to inspire the wanderlust in you

Bollywood Movies that will inspire the traveler in you

We understand how it feels to be unable to take that dream vacation due to a variety of factors (job, a pandemic, your bank account, etc.). and ultimately opt for something local to their home. But do not worry. We have a fantastic idea. Why not have a movie night this week and start binge-watching some fantastic Bollywood travel films? Virtually travel the world while keeping popcorn on hand to satisfy your hunger. Here are seven Indian films we've chosen to inspire the wanderlust in you and you will surely love these movies. 


In the film Karwaan, you will primarily watch a road trip through beautiful South Indian towns and landscapes, including Cochin, Ooty, and Bangalore. You will learn to appreciate life's ambiguity and the constant possibility of novelty thanks to this film. You'll want to take a lengthy trip to breathtakingly green locations that are also brimming with ethnic character and friendly locals.

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You travel throughout India with this film. You get to experience all of these fascinating locations via the eyes of a kidnapped girl. Like many others, she rediscovers her desire to reside in the mountains and take in the fresh air. And towards the film's conclusion, she does just that. You will be freed by this film, filled with dreams and desires, and given the courage to explore the world and fulfil your desires. 

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This is the film that encouraged numerous Indians to get on a plane and travel to Spain. It continues to be one of our all-time favourite movies even ten years later. The narrative delves into the lives of three friends who, as part of their pact, fly to Spain and engage in thrilling activities including skydiving, scuba diving, and the Bull Run. At the end, we learn how each of them changed as a result of their travels and shared new experiences. On a weekend of leisure, watch this movie with your pals, and don't be shocked if you wind up fighting about where you will go on your next trip. 


Who said a honeymoon requires a mate? Watch as a 24-year-old woman makes friends while travelling alone to the beautiful city of Paris and then to the hipster city of Amsterdam. Since she comes from a tiny village, she discovers herself having a good time at the bar, lodging with random people, and dancing on the roads. T his will teach you many valuable lessons about life, the most significant one is that whatever happens, happens for the good. In this thrilling trip film, a broken-hearted but hopeful girl learns about herself and the unfamiliar world she faces. It will make you want to board the next flight and visit a place you've never been.


Piku is a movie that depicts an amazing car trip from National capital to Kolkata. It is funny, intelligent, and creatively told. It contains a few instances that all of us may relate to. In addition to featuring some fantastic images of the City of Joy, it evokes memories of delectable Bengali cuisine, Kolkata's laid-back character, and how pleasant it is to reconnect with loved ones after a long absence. It's a fantastic family film that could inspire you to live each day to the utmost and create wonderful memories with your loved ones.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani has contributed to reviving and reinventing Indian travel. A quick tour of Manali, Paris, and Udaipur is provided. With his outlook on life, the globe, and relationships, friendships and characters of the movie inspire the viewers in a variety of ways. He also inspires all of us to travel to new places and experience life to the fullest. Everybody who like travelling ought to watch this.

Dil Chahta Hai

If you enjoy watching movies and travelling, this was likely the first movie that inspired you to get out there and live. This all-time favourite film also gets you to think about how things doesn't always go as you expect. Three friends who agree to get together annually for a trip to Goa soon part ways, but they eventually reunite. North Goa's Chapora Fort is becoming a popular tourist destination because to the movie Dil Chahta Hai.