Women empowerment through vibrant murals
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Women empowerment through vibrant murals

The artists are self-taught and from various professions, including teaching, engineering

Women empowerment through vibrant murals

A group of women artists have come together to create a mural at the Sector 14 Dwarka Metro Station in Delhi, with the aim of promoting women's freedom and safety. The artists are self-taught and from various professions, including teaching, engineering, and mathematics. The project is being carried out by Vedica Foundation, a Delhi-based NGO, in collaboration with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to commemorate International Women's Day celebrations.

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The artists shared their thoughts on the project, with Akanksha Agarwal, an assistant professor from Mumbai, stating, "This is a wonderful initiative to spread awareness. Being from Mumbai, we have an image of Delhi not being as safe after dark for women. So being a part of this project and working in such a big group is amazing." Rashi Verma, a mathematics student from Lucknow, added, "I am a passionate artist and love to make art. Earlier I was doing it on canvas but in this project, I am doing something new on the wall. So, it's a great learning experience and satisfaction as well as we are making something for women."

The project is being led and managed by Shruti Maheshwari, co-founder of 'Chronicle of Colors,' who stated, "Here about 10 to 12 trained and self-taught artists, mostly from different professions, and some in art itself are making murals. The concept is women and a safe city. We are making pictures that will tell the whole concept." The Delhi Metro officials shared that the artwork highlights the importance of women in urban space and the safety and security standards of women in Metro premises.

The DMRC has collaborated with many prestigious organizations in the past for innovative campaigns in Delhi Metro premises, with an endeavour to promote art, culture, and heritage of the country. This project is expected to be completed in the next few days.

Pratibha  Agarwal
Pratibha Agarwal
411 Days Ago
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