Pamper your evening with lip-smacking street food
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Pamper your evening with lip-smacking street food

Samosa is a snack which will appeal to every tea enthusiast

Pamper your evening with lip-smacking street food

Indian street food has a unique appeal due to its diverse array of spices, ingredients, and flavours. From sweet and spicy to sour, street food platters like chaat, tikki, and gol gappa burst with flavours that tantalize the taste buds. Whether grilled over an open flame, deep-fried or served cold, street food is an integral part of Indian culture and a must-try for any food enthusiast.

If you're looking for street foods to pair with your evening tea, here are some delicious options to consider:


This classic street food is a favourite among Indians worldwide, especially in the North. It is usually served as a side dish by chai vendors.

Ram Laddoo

A traditional street snack found in Delhi, Ram Laddoo is made from chana dal, moong dal, grated radish, and hot green chutney. It's a spicy snack that will leave you sweating in a good way.


This popular Gujarati snack is made from gram flour, turmeric, and caraway seeds. It's fried in oil and served with a tasty chutney and a cup of tea.


A famous street snack from Kolkata, Jhalmuri is made from spices and puffed rice. It's a spicy treat that also includes a unique spice blend of chaat masala and mustard oil.


A versatile and easy-to-make snack, a sandwich is a popular street food that can be customized to your liking. It's made from white bread spread with cucumber, onion, tomato, and herb chutney, then grilled until golden brown and filled with molten cheese.

Bhel Puri

Another delicious Mumbai delicacy, Bhel Puri is a portable snack made from crunchy mathri, puffed rice, onions, spices, and chutneys. It's bursting with flavour and perfect for snacking on the go.