The Elephant Whisperer: An Oscar-winning masterpiece
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The Elephant Whisperer: An Oscar-winning masterpiece

Kartiki Gonsalves's (Director) seamlessness makes the visuals engaging

The Elephant Whisperer: An Oscar-winning masterpiece

This documentary’s subject of nature-man symbiosis runs throughout Bomman, Bellie, and Raghu's 41-minute journey into new and intriguing territory. Bomman, Bellie, and their elephant child Raghu live at the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve's Theppakadu Elephant Camp, surrounded by the Nilgiris. Kartiki Gonsalves's (Director) seamlessness makes the visuals engaging. The camera captures the family's daily routine without invading their privacy.

Fascinating visual safari the river refills as the trees change colour, and the woodland burns in the summer heat. Bomman and Bellie were given Raghu, an injured baby elephant separated from its group. Kartiki Gonsalves (Director) gently addresses the human-animal conflict while focusing on Raghu's attachment to his carers (Bomman, Bellie). The trio's story also shows how forest officials fail to reunite an elephant calf with its group.

Bomman and Bellie are Kattunayakan tribe members and their lives centre around the jungle. This is the land their forefathers fought to preserve, and it is what they hope to pass down to their descendants. "We rely on the jungle for survival, but we also protect it," explains Bellie, whose husband was killed by a tiger. This separates her from the forest, and she comes to fear the place where she grew up. Raghu's (elephant calf) childhood followed a similar pattern. After his mother died from electrocution, he was removed from his herd. Bellie, who has never taken cared for elephants before and has recently lost her own kid, and Raghu, who has never known a life away from humans, are united in their desire to relieve the grief they have experienced in the same forest. Taking care of Raghu is the first baby step Bomman is taking to continue his grandfather's and father's traditions. Bomman has been assigned by the Forest Department to care for the baby elephants after being injured by an adult tusker in that jungle.

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Ammu, Bomman, and Bellie's baby calf become Raghu's siblings. The "first pair to successfully raise two orphaned elephants in South India" is Bomman and Bellie. Gonsalves' dismal statistic emphasizes the care required to raise an elephant, making it effective. Kartiki Gonsalves (Director) addresses the factors that caused Raghu's mother's death. Bomman and Bellie merely narrate the documentary, and humans messing with nature smoothly becomes part of their story with Raghu. Bomman as he talks about Raghu's finicky eating or sits by Bellie even as she recalls her first meeting with Raghu.