Revisit 90s Fashion Created by Bollywood Divas
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Revisit 90s Fashion Created by Bollywood Divas

Animal-printed skirts, dresses, and tops were also frequently worn by the Bollywood divas

Revisit 90s Fashion Created by Bollywood Divas

The 1990s are often referred to as the golden age of Bollywood, with the films and music produced during that time being considered unique and unforgettable. In addition to amazing cinema, the Bollywood actresses of that era possessed the most exquisite fashion sense, setting trends that are still followed today. Let's take a look at some of the most iconic fashion trends of the 1990s Bollywood.

Animal Prints


Animal-printed skirts, dresses, and tops were a popular choice for Bollywood divas in the 1990s. Zebra-striped and cheetah-printed ensembles were frequently seen during the mid-1990s. Young women sought after animal-printed apparel everywhere. These costumes were complemented by a headband, a pair of sunglasses, and a set of hoop earrings.

Tiny Co-ordinating Sets

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In the late 1990s, the tiny small co-ord set gained popularity. This was the time when Bollywood became more progressive regarding women in the industry. The popularity of these sets began with the classic film "KuchKuchHota Hain." The film featured shimmering micro small co-ord sets with vivid colors. These ensembles were predominantly monochromatic and consisted of a brilliantly colored micro miniskirt and a crop top that revealed the actress's midriff.

Chiffon Sarees

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The chiffon saree in the snow was a cult favorite in the majority of 1990s Bollywood films. Every great 90s actress was seen wearing a thin, brightly colored chiffon saree while a romantic song played in the backdrop. If the film had a romantic slant, there would likely be a scene in which the hero and heroine dance to soft music while declaring their love for one another. This outfit is distinguished by its simplicity. Often seen on actresses was a basic, light-colored chiffon saree with a matching sleeveless top.


Throughout the 1990s, the usage of accessories to accentuate clothes was a notable trend. All of the artists were featured in films wearing at least two accessories in addition to their clothes. Large, ornate belts paired with light-coloured denim, bucket hats with flowery accents, a variety of sunglasses, head scarves, and hand gloves were commonplace in 1990s Bollywood films.