Will the booster pump at Ahinsa Khand 2 remain a distant dream?
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Will the booster pump at Ahinsa Khand 2 remain a distant dream?

Despite numerous complaints by residents about low-pressure water supply and even more assurances by GDA, work on the pump has still not started.

Will the booster pump at Ahinsa Khand 2 remain a distant dream?

Residents of Ahinsa Khand 2 in Indirapuram have stopped pinning their hopes on Ghaziabad Development Authority's promise of a booster pumping station in the area. GDA officials had assured a pumping station on an open plot adjacent to Shanti Gopal Hospital that would provide sufficient Ganga jal supply to societies.

Residents of several societies have been complaining of low-pressure water supply and sometimes even lack of supply, despite having taken proper water connections from GDA.

When the issue was discussed at a meeting between residents and GDA a couple of months back, officials had said they would set up a booster pump station in the next eight or nine months as a solution to their problems. Nothing, however, has materialised till date. Last week, residents discussed the issue again with GDA vice-chairman Vijay Kumar Yadav, but all they received were more empty assurances.

Residents alleged that GDA was not developing the pumping station because the land earmarked for it was being used as parking space for Shanti Gopal Hospital, a private hospital in Ahinsa Khand 2.

Speaking to City Spidey, DK Maurya, president of FedAOA and a resident of Niho Scottish Gardens, said it was a shame that a civic body could not walk the talk. "It is sad to see the plot of land being used as a private parking space when thousands of residents with authorised water connections are waiting for proper Ganga jal supply," Maurya added.

City Spidey took up the issue with Chakresh Jain, superintending engineer, GDA. When asked about the delay, Jain said the engineering department was awaiting clearance from the land acquisition department. However, he said the project will take more time because of the upcoming state elections. "Estimates, tenders and approvals are only possible after the elections," he added.

City Spidey also discussed the issue with Raja Agarwal, director of Shanti Gopal Hospital. He clarified that the land belonged to GDA and was only being temporarily used as a parking area by the hospital.

Meanwhile, members of FedAOA said they would approach the court with the issue if the area didn't get a pumping station soon.

"Going to court will be our last resort, but we will escalate the matter if required," said Maurya, president of FedAOA.