Taste the Festive Spirit: Noida's Top Navratri Thalis to Savor
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Taste the Festive Spirit: Noida's Top Navratri Thalis to Savor

Currynama is the place to go for a sumptuous Navratri thali

Taste the Festive Spirit: Noida's Top Navratri Thalis to Savor

We know that many of us will follow the nine-day fast that is customary for the Hindu festival of Navratri. The nine incarnations of the goddess Durga are revered over the nine days of Navratri. For these nine days, only Sattvik cuisine is consumed. But that doesn't mean the meal has to be bland. Wonderful Navratri food may be found at several restaurants in Noida.


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SOCIAL is the chain of restaurants that has unveiled a unique Navratri menu. Kuttu Paneer Pakoda, Navratri Khichdi, Sabudana and Water Chestnut Vada, Raw Banana Tikki, and many more delicious treats are available. They also provide a Navratri Thali that includes Samak Rice, Aloo Jeera, Paneer in tomato gravy, and more.

Location- Dlf Mall Of India, Road No. 18 Shop C-412, Third Floor, Sector 18, Noida

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Currynama is the place to go for a sumptuous Navratri thali to eat in the comfort of your own home. This is a must-try for its unusual meals like Amaranth Aur Kache Kele Ki Tikki, Sitafal ki Sabzi, and Shakarkandhi ka Halwa.

Location- D-85/6, Yadav Market, Sector 51, Noida

Sagar Ratna

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Sagar Ratna is a popular restaurant because of its delicious vegetarian South Indian, North Indian, and Chinese food. You can choose from a wide variety of desserts, appetizers, thalis, and south Indian dishes at this Navratri Sagar restaurant. Their special Navratri menu includes dishes like the Navratri executive and deluxe thali, the Navratri masala & paneer dosa, the Navratri dosa meal, the paneer tikki, the tandoori aloo, the falhari idli chaat, and more.

Location-Sector 18, Noida, and other outlets

Hira sweets

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This eatery is known for its sweet meals, however, during Navratri, they provide a sattvic menu. You can have singhare aate ki poori, paneer ke pakode, makhane ki kheer, and falahari gulab jamun. Khatta meetha, Dahi Bhalla, badam milk, and many other delicacies are available. Four Vrat ki puris, Aloo Sabzi, Sita Phal Sabji, Shahi Paneer, Vrat Rice, Kheera Ka Raita, KKEERA Salad, Aloo Chips, and Falahari Dessert.

Location- Noida sector 18, and another outlet


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Haldiram's food is particularly well-known. For individuals who are fasting or following a specific diet during the nine days of Navrati, Haldiram's offers a unique no onion-no garlic menu in addition to its normal offerings. They provided phalhari chaat, pakode, sweets, and beverages for this little duration. Arbi masala, two kuttu parathas, Samak pulao, paneer makhani, raita, salad, aloo papad, and one sabudhana Tikki are all on the platter.

Location- Noida sector 18, 63


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For this Navratri season, our all-time favourite Bikanerwala is also preparing a delicious thali. You may indulge in Sabudana Vada, Kuttu Ki Puri, Samak Ki Puri, Khatta Meetha Sitaphal, and a variety of other delectable dishes on this thali. Come on over and fill up!

Location- Sector 18 Noida