PAN-Aadhar linking deadline extended
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PAN-Aadhar linking deadline extended

This will give taxpayers an additional three months to complete the process

PAN-Aadhar linking deadline extended

There is an update about the Pan-Aadhaar card linking that today, March 28, 2023 (Tuesday) the deadline for linking both cards has been extended by the government. Now there is an extension of three months and one could link the cards till  June 30, 2023. Earlier the deadline was 31 March 2023. This extended period would give taxpayers an additional three months to complete the process. It is required for everyone to link Pan-Aadhaar by 30 June  2023 otherwise there would be increased TDS and TCS deduction etc. 

Previously, the ministry of finance's department of revenue issued a notification requiring people to link their Aadhaar card to their PAN card online for a fee of Rs. 1000 by March 31, or their PAN would become inoperative. All PAN cards that will not be linked with Aadhaar by June 30, 2023, will become “inoperative”.

On July 1, 2023, the PAN of taxpayers whose Aadhaar has not been linked as needed will no longer be valid. 

Below are the points to know If the PAN card is not functional:-

  •  No refunds will be issued against such PANs.
  •  No interest shall be payable on such refund during the time in which the PAN is inoperative
  •  TDS and TCS shall be deducted/collected at a higher rate, as specified in the Act.