Good News: Noida Authority begins work on skywalk at Aqua Line metro
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Good News: Noida Authority begins work on skywalk at Aqua Line metro

Construction work on the skywalk is in full-swing

Good News: Noida Authority begins work on skywalk at Aqua Line metro

Noida: After years of waiting, there is finally some good news for the straphangers of the Aqua line. The Noida authority has started construction on a skywalk that will connect the Noida Sector 51 metro station with the Sector 52 metro station.

This project is an important move by the authority as footfall is increasing daily in these two stations. Passengers using these two metros are increasing, so a proper interchange is necessary to reach one station from the other.

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The skywalk will be a game changer for the passengers. Currently, daily travellers have to come out of the campus to change stations, but after the construction is complete, they will be able to walk through the skywalk to switch stations, making the process much quicker. Despite the NMRC providing rickshaw shuttle facilities between these stations, commuters still have to wait 5 to 10 minutes due to the increasing footfall between the stations.

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The Aqua line Sector 51 metro station has nearly 17,000 daily straphangers while the Blue line Sector 52 metro station has 45,000 straphangers. Keeping this in mind, the Noida authority has started the construction of the skywalk. The skywalk will cost 9 crores and will be 5 meters wide and around 420 meters long. The deadline for completing the project is set for the 5th of October.

In November last year, the Noida authority floated the tender to construct the skywalk and awarded the contract to Iqbal Construction Co. The company has also started the construction work of the skywalk.

Ashutosh Kumar a daily commuter of this Aqua line and Blue line, told us that he currently has to come out of the campus to change stations and wait for 5-10 minutes for the rickshaw to arrive, or he has to walk 500 meters to reach the Aqua line. Due to this, he often gets late for work. He added that after the construction of this skywalk, it will be easier for him and others to travel between these stations.