Noida Authority's BIG DECISION draws mixed reactions
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Noida Authority's BIG DECISION draws mixed reactions

A move by the Noida Authority to shift vendors from the crowded Brahmaputra markets

Noida Authority's BIG DECISION draws mixed reactions

Noida: The Noida Authority's decision to shift vendors from the crowded Brahmaputra markets has garnered mixed responses from shop owners and vendors. While some traders appreciate the clutter-free environment, others claim that the lack of awareness about the new vending zones is resulting in a significant loss of business.

The vendors have been relocated to a zone in sector 37, and this decision has proven profitable for some, while others have suffered significant losses. Shahzad, who owns a stationery shop at the Brahmaputra market, reports a decline in sales since the shift. He believes that society-provided stores on their premises have led to a drop in the number of customers. Before the shift, customers came to the market to buy pens and enjoy a meal, but now, there is a significant impact. On the other hand, a crockery store owner claims that the shift has not affected his sales.

Similarly, the manager of the BP Street restaurant reports a significant impact on his sales due to the decrease in foot traffic. Before the shift, the market was bustling with customers, but now, hardly any customers come to the market, causing a substantial loss of business.

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The vendors who were shifted by the authority have their own opinions about the matter. Rees, a cloth shop owner in the relocated area, is happy with the change. He sees it as a win-win situation since he no longer has to pay rent to the association and bribe local policemen and other authorities. Instead, he only needs to pay a monthly sum of 2500 rupees to the authority.

Meanwhile, a fruit seller claims that there has been no change, while another fruit seller, Mr Faruk, reports a significant loss due to the relocation. Only two of the six verge stalls were relocated, and this caused him to suffer a substantial loss.

Santosh Kumar, a cloth shop owner, reports that his shop is doing quite well despite the decrease in foot traffic. He also claims that the new location allotted by the Noida authority has better facilities than the old one.

Only time will tell if the shift in the market was a boon or a bane for the vendors.