The hidden DANGER in the taps of Greater Noida houses
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The hidden DANGER in the taps of Greater Noida houses

Water supply started interrupted as soon as summer started, dirty water reaches houses

The hidden DANGER in the taps of Greater Noida houses

Greater Noida: Residents in Greater Noida are facing a water crisis as the summer season begins. The supply of clean water has been disrupted to several sectors, resulting in dirty water reaching households. Despite complaints from Resident Welfare Association (RWA) officials, there has been no action taken to address the issue. 

The residential sectors affected include Alpha-1, Alpha-2, Gamma-1, Gamma-2, Delta-1, Delta-2, and Delta-3, with only 10% of houses being vacant. The demand for water in these sectors has increased, but the Greater Noida Authority has only fixed a limited supply schedule of 6 to 9 am, 1 to 2 pm, and 6 to 9 pm. However, in the last two to three months, the water supply has been limited to only half an hour in the afternoon and two hours at night, with water pressure so low that it hardly reaches beyond the first floor.

Neelam Yadav, a resident of Beta-2, highlights the low water pressure in the sector, making it challenging for water to reach the upper floors. Despite several complaints to officials, there has been no action taken. 

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Similarly, Seema Kumari, another resident of Beta-2, points out that the Greater Noida Authority has been claiming to supply Gangajal in the area for years, but no sector has received it yet.

Alok Nagar, the Secretary-General of RWA Delta-2, explains that due to low water pressure and a short supply duration, people's needs are not being met, leading them to install submersible pumps.

Jitendra Mavi, the President of RWA Alpha-2, raises concerns over the supply of dirty water for three days, with the water appearing black and smelling foul, posing a risk of diseases. Although a complaint has been filed with the Greater Noida Authority, there has been no resolution to the problem. The situation calls for immediate action to ensure a steady supply of clean water to the affected sectors of Greater Noida.