Noida Authority to inspect Sewage Treatment Plant in high-rises
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Noida Authority to inspect Sewage Treatment Plant in high-rises

Noida authority has made a smart move for the betterment of the residents.

Noida Authority to inspect Sewage Treatment Plant in high-rises

The Noida Authority has taken a smart step to improve the living conditions of residents by forming a panel to inspect whether high-rise buildings have installed Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) or not. The authority has hired a Delhi-based company to conduct the inspection, and the panel consists of five members who have been allotted space in the authority campus to carry out their work.

The panel has been directed to gather data on the STPs installed in the societies and to ensure that they are functioning correctly. If they find that the STP of any society is not working, the authority will take action against them. The panel will also inspect the wastewater inlet and outlet and send samples to the lab of UPPCB to check the quality of the wastewater.

One of the main objectives of the panel is to ensure compliance with NGT norms at the sites and to ensure compliance with environmental clearance conditions related to integrated water resource management with respect to wastewater, freshwater, and groundwater management.

Mallikeshwar Jha, president of Golf City plot 8 AOA, sector 75, welcomed the initiative taken by the authority and said that STPs are essential for residents. Another resident of R.G Residency also praised the move, stating that their society has an STP that is working properly without any issues, and the AOA is taking care of it.

However, Vikash Jha, a resident of Ajnara Ambrosia society in sector 118, expressed scepticism about the implementation of the initiative on the ground level. He said that while it was a great move by the authority, implementing it properly could be challenging. He also pointed out that most societies lack these facilities, making the initiative crucial if it is implemented correctly at its roots.