Sewer Overflow Crisis Hits Sector 51 Residents in Noida
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Sewer Overflow Crisis Hits Sector 51 Residents in Noida

The residents of Sector 51 are in trouble by the overflowing sewers

Sewer Overflow Crisis Hits Sector 51 Residents in Noida

Noida: The residents of Noida Sector 51 have been facing a serious problem of sewer overflow since November 16, 2022. The water from the sewerage system has been continuously overflowing onto the roads, and all the drains in Sector 51 are clogged. Despite repeated requests to the officials of the Sewerage Department, a solution to the problem has not been found.

Swarna Chawla Shah, an 81-year-old resident of Sector 51, E 84, has been severely affected by this problem. She has sent her servant to the Water and Sewerage Department of Noida Authority in Sector 39 twice, but the problem has not been solved. She has also called the sewerage department at least 20 times a day, but now her calls are not being answered.

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On March 16, Swarna met with RWA Sector 51 General Secretary Sanjeev Kumar and explained her problem of water overflowing from the sewerage system in front of her house for the past 10 days. As her children are abroad, she could not refer this problem to the RWA group.

The DGM of the Sewerage Department, RP Singh, is responsible for fixing this problem, but he has not taken any action to solve it. On November 16, 2022, a meeting was held with RWA Sector 51, in which DGM RP Singh, the senior manager, and all other staff members were present at Barat Ghar of Sector 35. In the meeting, it was promised by the officials of the Sewerage Department that all the sewers of Sector 51 would be cleaned within 10 days, and this problem would not occur again in the sector.

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Sanjeev Kumar, The General Secretary of RWA Noida Sector 52 says, "It is said with great regret that from 16th November 2022 to 16th March 2023, even after 4 months, the sewer line of Sector 51 has not been cleaned by the sewer department. All the sewer lines of the sector are continuously overflowing. So, officials of the Sewer Department are requested to solve this problem immediately and all the sewer lines of sector-51 should be cleaned by a super suction machine."