Sleep-Enhancing Gadgets for the Modern Age
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Sleep-Enhancing Gadgets for the Modern Age

Overexposure to screens, rampant use of social media and work stress are increasing insomnia

Sleep-Enhancing Gadgets for the Modern Age

Getting adequate and good quality sleep is crucial for overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being, weight management, mood regulation, and physical appearance. However, various factors such as excessive screen time, social media usage, and work stress can contribute to insomnia and other sleep disorders. Fortunately, there are several gadgets available that can assist in improving the quality of sleep. Below are some useful gadgets that can aid in getting better sleep:

Sleep Mist Spray

Using a cool mist spray with essential oils can be effective in promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety. Lavender oil is known for its calming properties, while herbs like clary sage and marjoram can help alleviate aches and pains.

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Installing a thermostat can regulate the sleeping temperature, which should be between 28 and 35 degrees Celsius, as recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. As the body temperature naturally falls during the day and during sleep, thermoregulation can be optimized with the help of a thermostat.

Smart Lights

Innovative smart lights can simulate natural light, which can help in relaxing into a deep slumber. At night, these lights simulate a sunset, and in the morning, they simulate a sunrise, aiding in waking up gradually, rather than an abrupt alarm clock.

Eye Massager


Eye massagers can help alleviate eye strain caused by prolonged computer use and relieve stress. They can also help with dark circles and wrinkles, providing relief and promoting relaxation.

Chilipad Sleep System

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This unique bed heating and cooling system regulates the bed's temperature through a water-based system. The system comprises a machine-washable mattress pad with silicone tubing filled with water and a separate control unit that circulates and regulates the water's temperature. The Chilipad Sleep System helps in falling asleep faster and having deeper, more restorative sleep.