Dwarka's Rose Garden: A Sight to Behold
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Dwarka's Rose Garden: A Sight to Behold

This is the first garden of its type developed by the DDA

Dwarka's Rose Garden: A Sight to Behold

Dwarka: If you are a nature lover who is passionate about visiting rose gardens and enjoying the beautiful sight of different types of full bloom roses, then the Rose Garden in Dwarka is a must-visit. The exclusive Rose Garden is fully developed in the Master Plan Green area of Sector 16C and has been developed by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA). According to DDA officials, there are many types of roses in the garden, and some even have multiple colors on one plant.

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The Deputy Director of Horticulture DDA, Dwarka, SK Meena, stated, "There are about 25 to 30 types of roses, and many of them are rare. This is the first garden of its type developed by the DDA in the entire Delhi." This garden is unique as the roses are arranged in a definite pattern and landscape to give a beautiful look. The whole area is a green area of about 12 acres of land, which was in a deserted state for a long time. The DDA has developed different parts of the area dedicated to nature, including the Rose Garden in a five-acre area and woodlands and fruit gardens to attract birds in the rest of the area. Jogging tracks and lawns have been inter-connected so that visitors can roam around the entire green area without walking at a stretch.

The Rose Garden has become a favourite place for the community to spend time. People are enjoying looking at the rare species of roses such as Black Rose, roses in bunches, multi-color roses, and roses with changing colors. Ramesh Mumukshu, the General Secretary of RWA Studio Apartments Sector 16B, said, "The Rose Garden is unique and is now a favourite place for the community. I always visit here and enjoy nature. Roses are available in numerous varieties, and this gives a different attachment to them while knowing, watching, and feeling them."

Suman Malik, a nature enthusiast from Sector 6, often visits the Rose Garden to click photographs. He shared some photographs with City Spidey readers to show the beauty of nature. "The place in Dwarka is a must-visit as it is full of serenity, and you would get a feeling of love from nature," says Malik.