Supertech Livingston, Ghaziabad: Forced entry and threats over dog scratch!
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Supertech Livingston, Ghaziabad: Forced entry and threats over dog scratch!

Five men, including an RWA member, forcibly enter the home of the victim, a female tenant living with her husband and sister in the society, late at night after her dog allegedly left a scratch on a child’s arm living in the same tower.

Supertech Livingston, Ghaziabad: Forced entry and threats over dog scratch!

A female resident of Supertech Livingston, a residential society in Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad, was allegedly intimidated and threatened by five men late on the night of January 4. The men forcefully entered Retina Chakraborty's home after her dog supposedly scratched a child. The child's parents were known to the victim and lived in the same tower of the society.

An FIR against the five men, including the child's father and an RWA member of the society, has been registered at Vijaynagar police station on January 5. According to Pooja Shrivastava, the victim's friend, who had rushed to the flat after receiving a distress call, the assailants were in an inebriated state at the time of the incident.

Shrivastava is a resident of Ajnara Gen X in Crossings Republik. She recounted, "Retina is a good friend of mine and she called me around 11 pm on January 4, asking me to come over as soon as possible. She said five men had forcefully entered her home and were threatening to throw acid on her."

Chakraborty, 30, lives as a tenant in the society with her husband and younger sister. At the time of the incident, her husband was away on a night shift and reached home only around 1 am.

Chakraborty informed Crossings Republik police outpost, and the police reached the spot a little later. The assailants hurled abuses at the victim and asked her to leave the society. Luckily, her parents, who live in Kolkata, were visiting at the time of the incident and somehow, managed to ameliorate the situation.

"Despite my repeated protests, the men forcefully entered my home around 11 pm. I wasn't letting them in as my husband was away at work and it was late at night," Chakraborty said.

Around 7.30 pm that day, the victim was walking her dog in the society when two kids started playing with it. "I asked them to be careful, but they did not listen," Chakraborty said. "My dog got a little playful and jumped on the child. The child got a scratch on the forearm from a paw nail. The kids immediately ran back home,” she recalled.

Later, the child's mother called the victim to know whether the dog had been vaccinated and asked for medical records. She was duly sent a copy of the vaccination card, showing all vaccinations updated.

The victim, in fact, recorded the telephonic conversation between the child's mother and her husband, in which the former was heard saying they were not interested in filing a complaint over such a trivial issue and that she condemned the behaviour of the men who forcefully entered Chakraborty's home.   

Chakraborty's husband added, “I spoke to the child's mother. She seemed fine after we provided her with the dog's medical details. She also said that her husband was dragged into the whole mess by four other men."

The child’s mother, however, refused to comment.

Sudhir Sinha, RWA president of the society, provided his account of the events. He said, "The child's father complained to us, and that’s why the general secretary and four other people went to Chakraborty's house. However, we do agree that they should waited until morning to go over."

Arun Kumar Mishra, SSI, Vijaynagar police station, confirmed, "We have received the complaint against the accused, and have filed an FIR against them."