Elevators Incidents in Noida: Safety Norms To Follow
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Elevators Incidents in Noida: Safety Norms To Follow

to make people safe in the elevators, must obey these rules.

Elevators Incidents in Noida: Safety Norms To Follow

Noida: The residents of Noida are currently living in fear due to a series of incidents that occurred inside the elevators recently. These incidents have resulted from negligence in safety norms and the non-implementation of policies.
In last three days, two back-to-back incidents took place, one in Golf Gardenia Society in Alpha One, Greater Noida, and the other in Regenta Central Hotel Noida sector 49. Both incidents had one thing in common - an elevator. In the first incident, eight people were stuck for hours in the elevator of the Golf Gardenia Society. They got stuck inside the lift for several hours before being rescued by the fire department.

The people of Noida had not yet forgotten the previous incident when another incident happened. In this incident, nine people were injured when the lift of the Regenta Central Hotel fell from the 3rd floor. Three victims had bone fractures, while others sustained minor injuries.

These incidents have created fear among the people of Noida, who are now afraid of using elevators. To prevent such situations from occurring in the future, the authorities concerned must take preventive or precautionary measures. This will assure people that they are safe in elevators.

Rule 1: Elevators must be expertly installed and maintained. A strict testing and preventative maintenance schedule must be upheld for optimized safety. If maintenance is needed, an expert must be called immediately.

Rule 2: The elevator's occupancy capacity must be posted, strictly prohibiting people from boarding if it reaches its capacity limit. Safety signals must also be installed to ensure that the elevator is working correctly.

Rule 3: Before installing elevators, the elevator level must be the same as the ground level to reduce the risk of injury.

Rule 4: Proper handles must be installed to reduce injuries in emergencies.