Another unfortunate stray incident: stray dogs attacked woman
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Another unfortunate stray incident: stray dogs attacked woman

AOA has constructed a dog feeding point outside gate no 5 of the society.

Another unfortunate stray incident: stray dogs attacked woman

Noida: Stray dog incident is increasing day by day in Noida. Residents have been suffering a lot due to this. Once again a lady was attacked by a few stray dogs in Noida. This incident took place at Mahagun Modern Housing Society, in Noida Sector 78. A domestic help comes to the society park for a walk with her master’s pet dog. Meanwhile, many stray dogs together tried to attack her pet dog, but the woman tried to defend her dog, and then stray dogs attacked her too. The woman ran with her pet but the dogs followed her for a distance.
It was not the first time; unfortunately that kind of incident happened earlier many a times. Women, children and the elderly were attacked by the stray dogs. Many people were taken to the hospital because of this, but the Noida authority is not paying any attention to these incidents.
Jitendra Kumar resident of the Mahagun Modern Housing Society informed us that this kind of incident is happening frequently in society but no one is taking the issue seriously. The Noida authority should look into the matter. He also said that AOA should construct a feeding point outside the society for stray dogs.

Mridul Bhatia

Mridul Bhatia AOA president of Mahagun Modern Society Sector 78 informed us that they are bound by the rules of law, So we are working according to ABC (Animal Birth Control) rule. He further stated that in the last general body meeting of the society, they raised this issue and they also constructed a feeding point outside gate no 5. They would also register the name of the feeder.

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