Foods that will make your skin shine
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Foods that will make your skin shine

If you are wondering the secret of glowing skin, the answers may be present in your kitchen pantry

Foods that will make your skin shine

Beauty comes from within- the lines may refer to the beauty of our heart and mind but are equally relevant to our diet and lifestyle. Many health experts have repeatedly stressed, you are what you eat. A lifestyle with no fixed meal timings, irregular sleep hours and excess junk food leads to a series of skin-related issues, including dull and dry skin. If you are wondering the secret of glowing, healthy skin, the answers may be present in your kitchen pantry.


How many times have you tossed the tomato in your burger or salad across because you didn't like it? but you know what, tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C and can help in keeping your skin nourished, protected, and away from oxidative stress. It also helps in keeping the skin revitalized and bright. Vitamin C is a rich anti-oxidant and can help in protecting your skin against radical damage.

Sunflower Seeds

Most nuts and seeds are considered superfoods because of their surplus content of nutrition, sunflower seeds might be the leader of the pack. Sunflower seeds contain almost 50% of vitamin E that can help to intensely nourish your skin from within. They also contain other nutrients like zinc and protein for wholesome skincare benefits.

Green Tea

Yeah, yeah, nobody wants another green tea centric conversation, but have you ever thought about why is this particular ingredient so popular in the skincare industry? Green tea is rich in polyphenols and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can help remove toxins from the body and make the skin healthier, cleaner, and calmer. Consuming green tea can not only help your skin but your stomach too.


Carrots are an abundant source of vitamin A, which is the main active ingredient in your favourite anti-ageing skincare – Retin-A. Let your retinol skincare work its magic from the outside, while carrots help in pushing that youthfully glow from within – sounds like a safe and easy deal to me!

Olive oil

Now that we're talking about a youthful glow, how can we leave olive oil out? Olive oil was one of Cleopatra's best-kept skincare secrets, which helped her skin look glowing and healthy. It is rich in vitamin E and comes with a load of antioxidants and moisturizing benefits. Well, if you can create a Cleopatra inspired olive oil bath, good for you! But if you want a much more low maintenance skincare hack, include olive oil in your diet and skincare routine for maximum benefits.


With a rich content of lactic acid, zinc, vitamins and antioxidants, yogurt is a powerful tool to treat skin problems. Say hello to better skin with a bowl of yogurt every day!


One of the best sources for omega 3 fatty acids that help in keeping the skin moisturized and supple, salmon has a mineral called selenium which helps in protecting the skin from sun damage. Bake, grill or steam, salmon is a versatile food besides being a powerhouse of nutrients.