NEFOWA Meets with GNIDA CEO to Discuss Challenges Faced by Flat Buyers
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NEFOWA Meets with GNIDA CEO to Discuss Challenges Faced by Flat Buyers

Several issues were discussed with specific examples to clarify the challenges faced by the buyers

NEFOWA Meets with GNIDA CEO to Discuss Challenges Faced by Flat Buyers

Greater Noida: NEFOWA President Abhishek Kumar, along with Ranjana Bhardwaj and Dinkar Pandey, recently had a constructive meeting with Ritu Maheshwari, CEO of Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA), to discuss the problems faced by pending and under-construction projects in Greater Noida. The meeting focused on several issues that the buyers are facing, and specific examples were discussed to clarify the challenges.

During the brainstorming session, the CEO provided invaluable input and suggestions to resolve the issues. NEFOWA had previously presented some suggestions before the High-Level Committee headed by Amitabh Kant, which was also discussed during the meeting.

The CEO informed that the Authority is working on several solutions, including the use of co-developers and cancellation of projects where there is no significant progress and flats are not sold. The issues of horticulture, health, and other maintenance in GNIDA were also put up in the meeting, and the CEO assured that improvements would be made soon. The issues of apartment maintenance and transfer charges were also discussed, with the NEFOWA representatives highlighting the various ways in which builders earn money, which is the main reason for their lack of interest in completing the projects.

The CEO has assured that she will meet the NEFOWA team during her next visit and that regular meetings and communication will be established between the Authority and the buyers. The NEFOWA team expressed gratitude to the CEO for her time and invaluable input and assured cooperation to address the challenges faced by flat buyers in Greater Noida.

In addition, the CEO informed us that the GNIDA branch would be opening soon, and she would be visiting the area in the future.