Korean action thriller on OTT will enthrall your senses
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Korean action thriller on OTT will enthrall your senses

Train to Busan is a popular Korean action thriller

Korean action thriller on OTT will enthrall your senses

Korean films cover numerous varieties and these categories are increasing day by day. Due to the popularity of South Korean dramas, fans are exploring other genres and creating a new wave of interest. South Korean thriller films are becoming more popular all over the world because of its charms and appeal. If you like intense, heart-pounding movies with amazing VFX, these South Korean thrillers are a must-watch.

Being a movie enthusiast you must check out these thriller movies on OTT:


Credit: Netflix wiki-Fandom

An outbreak of zombies in Seoul forces a gamer to survive in his apartment in "Alive." He hides but discovers her neighbor fighting zombies alone in her house. He aids her and they run. See whether they survive.


Credit: IMDb

The epic thriller "Call” inspired by The Caller (2011) inspired it. The film's protagonist receives a call from the past. As she connects with the other woman and asks her to fix the past, her present changes. The film follows her attempts to correct these mistakes and change history to achieve her aims for the present and future.

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Space Sweepers

Credit: IMDb

This sci-fi action film Space Sweepers is set in 2092. It was the first Korean space blockbuster. This film follows four UTS space sweepers who collect debris and deliver it to the plant. While working there, they found a little humanoid that was a dangerous weapon. All four must manage this dangerous predicament while managing their issues.

Train to Busan

Credit: IMDb

Train to Busan is a popular Korean action thriller. This film follows a businessman and his daughter on a high-speed train to Busan to spend her birthday with her mother. Zombies assault the high-speed train, changing everything.

The Witch: Part 2. The Other One

Credit: IMDb

This South Korean sci-fi horror movie follows an adoptive girl with extraordinary skills who escapes a hospital where physicians experimented on youngsters. As the girl grows up, weird characters cause havoc.