World Meditation Day: Try out these techniques
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World Meditation Day: Try out these techniques

Mantra meditation is prominent in many teachings, including Hindu and Buddhist traditions

World Meditation Day: Try out these techniques

Meditation is a practice that has been followed for centuries across various cultures worldwide. While it may have originated as an old-fashioned tradition, it continues to be embraced today as a means to cultivate inner peace and tranquillity. Although meditation has connections to different religious teachings, its essence goes beyond faith and focuses more on altering consciousness, developing self-awareness, and attaining a state of peace.

In our modern times, marked by hectic schedules and demanding lives, there is a growing need to reduce stress and find balance. This has led to the increased popularity of meditation as a valuable tool for well-being.

To celebrate World Meditation Day on May 21, it is recommended to set aside dedicated time for oneself to clear the mind and relax. This can be done by exploring various types of meditation practices at home. Here are some examples:

Mindfulness Meditation

Originating from Buddhist teachings, mindfulness meditation is widely practised in the West. It involves focusing on one's thoughts as they arise without judgment or attachment. Simply observe and note any patterns or sensations that emerge. This practice combines concentration and awareness, often by focusing on an object or the breath.

Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation is found in Eastern religions such as Hinduism, as well as in the Christian faith. It resembles prayer, where one reflects on the surrounding silence and seeks a deeper connection with a higher power or the universe. Spiritual meditation can be practised in places of worship and is beneficial for those who find solace in silence and aspire for spiritual growth.

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Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is prevalent in various traditions, including Hindu and Buddhist practices. It involves the repetition of a sound, word, or phrase to quiet the mind and attain a state of clarity. The well-known mantra "Om" is frequently used in this form of meditation.

Resting Awareness

Instead of focusing on the breath or visualization, resting awareness meditation involves allowing the mind to rest completely. Thoughts may arise, but rather than becoming distractions, they are simply observed and allowed to pass without attachment.

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental meditation is a straightforward technique where a personal mantra, such as a word, sound, or phrase, is repeated in a specific manner. It is practised for 20 minutes, twice a day, while comfortably seated with eyes closed.