Helmet Man of India Commends Nefowa Foundation's Janta Ki Thali
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Helmet Man of India Commends Nefowa Foundation's Janta Ki Thali

The full meal at Janta ki thali is for Rs 5 only

Helmet Man of India Commends Nefowa Foundation's Janta Ki Thali

Greater Noida West: The Nefowa Foundation's remarkable campaign, Janta Ki Thali, has completed five years since its launch on May 20, 2018. Every Sunday, for the past five years, the campaign has been providing a wholesome meal to people for a nominal price of just 5 rupees. On the occasion of this significant milestone, Raghavendra Kumar, renowned as the Helmet Man of India, graced the event as the chief guest.

During the event, Raghavendra Kumar congratulated the Nefowa Foundation for their extraordinary initiative and took the opportunity to advocate for road safety. He urged all those present to wear helmets while riding two-wheelers, emphasizing the importance of this simple yet life-saving measure.

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Abhishek Kumar, President of the Nefowa Foundation, extended a warm welcome to Raghavendra Kumar and attributed the success of the Janta Ki Thali campaign to the entire team. He acknowledged the unsung heroes behind the scenes who have contributed to the campaign's triumph. Abhishek Kumar expressed his gratitude to those individuals who have consistently provided rations and financial support for Janta Ki Thali. He further mentioned that discussions are underway regarding expanding the campaign's reach to serve a larger population.

The celebratory event took place at the same location where Janta Ki Thali meals are distributed to the people. This week, the meal consisted of Veg Biryani, Buttermilk, and Sweets, which were savoured by more than 500 individuals. Hundreds of dedicated Nefowa members actively participated in the program, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the cause.

As the Janta Ki Thali campaign marks its fifth anniversary, it continues to make a meaningful impact on the lives of people in need. The Nefowa Foundation's dedication and generous contributions from supporters have made this initiative a resounding success, ensuring that affordable meals are accessible to the community each week.

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