You are only few steps away from a radiant skin this summer
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You are only few steps away from a radiant skin this summer

To keep your skin feeling hydrated all day long, it’s important to apply a light moisturiser

You are only few steps away from a radiant skin this summer

Summer season is finally here, and it's time for us to modify our beauty regimen properly. During these warmer months, your skin requires special attention, whether you have oily skin or not. The heat causes your sebaceous glands to create too much oil if you have oily skin, which can cause acne along with other skin issues. The secret to maintaining healthy, shiny skin in the heat of the summer is to follow a stringent skincare regimen that emphasizes moisture and keeps skin healthy. Here is a guide on creating a daytime and nighttime skincare routine for oily skin in the summer.

Day Routine


Begin every day with a mild cleanser that will get rid of pollutants without robbing your skin of necessary moisture, as certain strong cleansers can. In order to remove dead skin cells without overly irritating the skin's surface, look for items that contain salicylic acid or glycolic acid. Use a toner designed for oily skin after cleansing; this will help balance pH levels and control any excessive shine throughout the day.


Applying a mild lotion made particularly for oily skin is essential to keeping your skin moisturized all day long; keep an eye out for moisturising components like hyaluronic acid. Don't forget to apply sunscreen and search for formulations with broad-spectrum SPF30+ protection to protect your skin against sunburn all day long.

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Oil Absorbing Primer

A primer is a cosmetic artist's best friend for flawless makeup, but they're also wonderful for preventing shiny skin brought on by excessive oil production! It's a win-win situation because primers are made with powders that particularly absorb oil, allowing our pores to stay free all day long without any obvious product buildup being left behind.

Night Routine

Double cleanse

Before going to bed, make sure you completely wash off any dirt, SPF, and makeup to avoid waking up the next day feeling oily and clogged. Start by cleansing with an oil-based product (goodbye, disgusting blackheads!) then follow up with a water-based foaming product to make sure all dirt traces have been removed and to get rid of any germs that might still be present and causing breakouts and congestion concerns.

Hydrate + Treat

After cleansing twice, it's time to increase moisture once more, so use a mild serum enriched with antioxidants. This can aid in repairing any sun damage incurred from those days spent at the beach or pool while yet being incredibly lightweight to prevent you from feeling greasy in the morning. Then, follow up with an appropriate miscellaneous treatment with an active substance, such as Vitamin B3 cream, which helps control natural oils in our pores so we can combat acne. Night was usually the ideal time to target troublesome pimples, acne and othe skin issues.

Moisturize + Seal in Serum Benefits

Finish off your skincare routine at night with a rich but lightweight moisturiser. This should be done after serums because doing so prevents the moisturizer from slipping through cracks in the molecules, ensuring that we get the full effect no matter how much sleep we get. Perfectly results-driven, too. Finally, use a few drops of face oil "to seal the deal," preventing drying while we sleep and resulting in a fresher, more nourished complexion that begs to be called stunning.