From Office Chair To Yoga Mat: Things To Do In 9 To 5 Job
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From Office Chair To Yoga Mat: Things To Do In 9 To 5 Job

Eye strain is common issue among professionals who spend more time on screen

From Office Chair To Yoga Mat: Things To Do In  9 To 5 Job

Working 9 to 5 is not easy, even more, when you have to sit all day in front of your system. This makes us tired and even affects our neck, shoulder and back shape and overall posture. Moreover, we get a lot of mental and physical stress.

The only thing which helps us get strength is yoga and this will be beneficial for the long run. Try to add simple yoga practices to your daily routine.

We may find out some benefits of practicing yoga for office going persons:

Help to calm the eyes strain

Eye strain is a common issue among office-going individuals who spend more time on screen. To improve this you can rest every 45 to 60 minutes for a minimum of 1 to 2 minutes. This way helps to freshen up your eyes. You can also try eye exercise that helps to relieve eye tension.

Improve Posture and tension

Slouching is another issue which is so common among those who work on screen and as a result, we get pain in our back. Yoga will help you relieve the tension and give a calming effect to your neck and shoulder.

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Recharge yourself

Exhaustion is a common problem for office going, leaving them exhausted. During a quick rest, you can indulge in relaxation-promoting activities. Nispanda Bhava is the yogic way that can help you to achieve a
deep level of relaxation.

Create mental clarity

Office individuals frequently struggle with a lack of focus. Abdominal breathing is a useful practice for improving attention. This deliberate breathing relaxes the mind and helps to improve mental awareness in the midst of a hectic work environment.

Encourage compassion and connection

Sometimes office environment gets so stressful that it also affects the connection among colleagues. You can practice Maitri Bhavana , it is a way to meditate that help to cultivate kindness and compassion for all living being. Even you can try to visualize things in your mind for positive affirmation.