Wine Day: Red wine might prove to be excellent for health
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Wine Day: Red wine might prove to be excellent for health

Red wine play effectual role in controlling heart health and other chronic illnesses

Wine Day: Red wine might prove to be excellent for health

Red wine has been regarded as a quiet popular drink in the western countries over the past century and it is very famous in India also. This is basically made from dark-color grapes. Grapes are enriched with antioxidants properties and it is so much advantageous for women’s health. One glass of red wine in a day may help you to reverse the signs of aging and you can get your lost glow back. According to experts, a diet rich in antioxidants promotes good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol. This ultimately helps the body to fight against chronic illnesses.

Besides this, it has many health benefits as well. From taking good care of your heart to controlling obesity, Red wine does all the wonders. Red wine is also liked by cooking experts as it can add more taste and nutrients to various dishes. It works magically when you use it for face massage or scrub.

Here are some excellent health benefits that you get from red wine:

Reduce blood clotting: Consuming red wine responsibly can work as a blood thinner. Polyphenol's presence in red wine can also maintain a blood flow and functions of blood flow resulting in slowing down the blood clotting in vessels.

Positively impacts heart health: Red wine is enriched with Resveratrol - an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that protects the body's cells from damage. According to experts, this antioxidant helps with brain and heart inflammation by protecting the lining of blood vessels, reducing the chance of injury and preventing heart stroke.

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Good for the brain: Consuming food containing resveratrol can help an individual get neuroprotective quality. This further helps one with protected brain function and memory.

Prevents Obesity: The antioxidant which is present in red wine may help to control obesity and it can reduce the damaging effects of smoking. It reduces inflammation and the aging process. However, the number of calories present in red wine may promote weight gain. So it will be wise to take it In moderate quantity.

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, this magical antioxidant also helps individuals extract benefits like anti-cancer effects, neuroprotective effects and antioxidants effects on free radicals.

However, it is also important to note that overconsumption of resveratrol (more than 5 grams per day) can cause side effects such as nausea and diarrhoea.