This Noida auto driver does something extraordinary!
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This Noida auto driver does something extraordinary!

Sachin Sharma’s auto has a dustbin attached at its back to allow commuters to throw waste into it. It also makes a pertinent point — you can't just throw rubbish on the roads!

This Noida auto driver does something extraordinary! Sachin Sharma's unique efforts to keep the roads clean has been recognised by Noida RTO

Sachin Sharma, 34, drives an auto around Noida. Nothing out of the ordinary. But his civic sense — that's exemplary.     

To spread the message of cleanliness, he has attached a dustbin to the back of his auto for passengers to throw waste into.   

In fact, to recognise Sharma’s efforts, Noida RTO (Regional Transport Office) will award him on January 26.

Speaking on his simple yet effective measure, he says, “Most of the time, passengers carry disposable water bottles and other plastic packets with them. They either leave all of it behind in the auto or just throw the stuff on the road. I feel angry about it, and hence I decided to do something about it. On January 1, I got a dustbin attached to my auto.”


Sachin Sharma 's auto


He narrates an incident that took place a few days ago. “I was driving at night, and suddenly someone from a car in front of me threw out an empty bottle. It hit my rear-view mirror, and I momentarily lost balance. It could have led to an accident!”  

Besides a dustbin, he has also kept a jug of water and glasses inside the auto, so passengers can drink from it.

But it wasn't a smooth ride for Sharma. There were many drivers in Delhi who asked him to remove the dustbin, fearing the measure could be made compulsory for others too, if seen by the Delhi government.

But Sharma persisted.

Noida Auto Union invited him to a seminar organised by the transport department to celebrate the road safety week. His views and approach managed to leave an impression on the transport-department officials.

He also got slogans, such as Swachh Bharat, Swasth Bharat, Nari Ka Samman, Desh Ka Samman and Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, painted on his auto.  

Sharma also plies from midnight to 4 am, when there are very few autos on the roads.

Akash  Arya
Akash Arya
1146 Days Ago
Great can we get the contact number of him ? we Jaago Bharat is an NGO based at Noida and working on waste management and we want to work and appreciate such kind of people