Mayur Vihar Ph I Ext residents disappointed with change in municipal ward
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Mayur Vihar Ph I Ext residents disappointed with change in municipal ward

They see their new ward, Trilokpuri, as nothing better than a slum area.

Mayur Vihar Ph I Ext residents disappointed with change in municipal ward

The recent changes in municipal wards by the Delhi state election commission ahead of Delhi municipal polls has left residents of Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension disappointed.

There were about 22 societies in the area. Of these, eight societies, including Glaxo Apartments, Vigyapan Lok, Vardhman Apartments, United India Apartments, Kirti Apartments and East End Apartments, which earlier used to come under the New Ashok Nagar ward, have now been allocated to the Trilokpuri ward. The municipal ward for the rest of the societies in the area, such as Samachar Apartments, Nirman Apartments and Rosewood Apartments, has remained unchanged (Patparganj municipal ward).  

Residents whose societies now come under the Trilokpuri ward are not happy with the decision. They view Trilokpuri as a slum area, which means the ward will have to cater to disparate demands. They also say the change will worsen the area's sanitation issues.

Purusottam Das Bhatt, president of the United India Apartments managing committee, told City Spidey that the present councillor, Nikki Singh, was approachable, as theirs was the New Ashok Nagar ward. "Now that our ward has been changed to Trilokpuri, the new councillor will be from that area. I'm not sure how approachable he or she will be," said Das Bhatt. "Moreover, the Trilokpuri ward is under MLA Raju Dhingan, who has never paid heed to our problems if ever we have gone to him with any in the past two and a half years. We tried meeting him at his office a couple of times, but he was never available. He even refused to meet us once, saying he was busy with the election campaign."

Das Bhatt also said he would hold a meeting with representatives of the other seven societies and decide on the way forward. "If the other societies are on board, we will not participate in the municipal polls this year," he added.

City Spidey got in touch with representatives of a few other societies whose ward had been changed to Trilokpuri and found that most were against the move. Ratan Lal Gupta, secretary of Vardhman Apartments, said, “The change in our ward to Trilokpuri is bad news for us. It would have been better if our societies had been included in the Patparganj municipal ward.”      

The state election commission on January 17 had announced new geographical boundaries for 150 of the 272 municipal wards. Out the 272, 104 wards come under North Delhi Municipal Corporation, another 104 under South Delhi Municipal Corporation, while the rest of the 64 under East Delhi Municipal Corporation. The state election commission, however, has not increased or decreased the number of wards under the three civic bodies. A redraw was done ahead of the Delhi municipal polls, which are likely to be held in March-April 2017.