<p>CONRWA roadmap for better traffic</p>
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CONRWA roadmap for better traffic

In a letter to Noida Authority, the apex resident body listed out pertinent points for improving the city’s chaotic road situation.

<p>CONRWA roadmap for better traffic</p>

Illegal parking is one of the major causes of traffic jams in the city

The Confederation of NCR Residents’ Welfare Association, or CONRWA, came up with a comprehensive roadmap to improve the city’s worsening traffic situation.

PS Jain, CONRWA president, wrote a letter to Noida Authority to make certain pertinent points, particularly about illegal parking in the city. It said that private vendors, hired by Authority-appointed contractors, allowed more cars to be parked at authorised parking lots — way more than the optimum number or actual capacity. This was done to earn more profits, but severely hampered free vehicular movement.

Jain said legal contractors bid the parking lots to other vendors, and charged them heavily to double their profits from these lots. These vendors hardly cared for traffic laws and allowed commuters to occupy space even on the roads. Sometimes, the authorised contactor also rented out parking space to hawkers.

Thus, Jain added, the Authority should lower the bidding amount for contractors vying for authorised parking lots.

CONRWA demanded that the Authority take strict action against the mafia operating illegal parking lots in the city. Private contractors were seen using public places as parking lots. Sometimes, parking areas close to premier locations were used by car dealers to display new models. The vendors were, in return, paid handsomely by dealers.

The letter stated that the Authority should not allow a parking lot within a 50-metre radius of a traffic junction, as it badly obstructed movement.

Jain said the Authority should redesign all junctions to make left turns free. He added that, if required, the width at the junctures should be increased to allow commuters to take a left turn freely. A height divider should also be constructed at the junctions.

Jain also mentioned unauthorised auto rickshaws, usually seen cluttering busy intersections. He said it must be ensured that passengers took private autos only from designated auto stands.

Often barricades were put up to carry out development work or road repairs, and these created immense difficulties for the commuters, explained Jain. He cited the example of Ashok Marg, which had been barricaded for constructing an elevated road. He added that construction was in progress only at a few spots, but entire stretches had been barricaded.

Jain said that the Authority must instruct its private contractors to finish work as fast as possible — often work was dragged on for months. Contractors should be asked to not leave the construction debris on roadsides.

Finally, the Authority should issue guidelines for old and new group housing societies to make provisional visitors’ parking within the society premises — and 20 per cent of the plot should be earmarked for it.