Gurgaon: Ardee City's never-ending problems with bad internal roads
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Gurgaon: Ardee City's never-ending problems with bad internal roads

Residents complained that despite increasing maintenance charges fivefold in the past four years, the builder has not addressed their complaints.

Gurgaon: Ardee City's never-ending problems with bad internal roads

Despite residents of Ardee City, Gurgaon, shelling out thousands of rupees for maintenance every month, the condition of the society's roads is appalling.

The society's RWA has requested Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) to intervene in the matter.

"The condition of the internal roads is pathetic," said Rakesh Kumar, RWA president of the society. "We have been discussing the issue of pothole-riddled roads with the builder since 2013. The builder used to charge us Rs 385 as monthly maintenance fee back then. Now we pay Rs 2,000 a month. The maintenance fee has gone up five times in the past four years. We also pay an additional maintenance fee in the name of repairs. And in all these years, the builder has carried out repairs only twice. He has collected an extra Rs 10 crore, but has done nothing to improve the condition of the society roads. We have even complained to HUDA about this."

Vinod Mehta, a resident, said, “The condition of roads is so bad that it’s impossible for a person to even walk on them. Many residents have been injured because of the large potholes. The builder has still not bothered to repair the roads."

Anuraag Kumar Gupta, another resident, said, "We have lodged numerous complaints with the developer, but nothing has been done. The maintenance charges have been increased time and again, but where is the money going? I urge the government to look into the matter and solve our problems as soon as possible."

HUDA Administrator Yashpal Yadav said, "We have received the RWA's complaint and have asked the Senior Town Planner [STP] of the Town and Country Planning Department to look into the matter. We will arrange a meeting between the builder and the residents to solve the matter as soon as possible."