Gurgaon: They bite, they steal, they terrorise!
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Gurgaon: They bite, they steal, they terrorise!

On average, Gurgaon’s Civil Hospital receives about 35 cases of monkey bites a month, and more than 20,000 of these primates have been seen around Gurgaon localities.

Gurgaon: They bite, they steal, they terrorise!

Gurgaon residents have reason to panic. The Civil Hospital has been steadily witnessing a rise in reports of monkey-bite cases, from 387 in 2015 to 392 last year.  

On average, the hospital receives about 35 cases of monkey bites a month.

According to officials of the wildlife department, more than 20,000 monkeys have been found around Gurgaon localities.

Scared of aggressive monkeys, residents have stopped using their balconies — to sit out on or to dry clothes.

“The vegetable vendor stopped coming to our locality after a group of monkeys destroyed his produce and even snatched his money. Now it’s such an inconvenience to us! We have to walk quite a bit to the market, and the monkeys often try to snatch our bags,” said Savita Lamba, a resident of Sector 5.

The residents have repeatedly complained to the civic agencies, but not much has been done to allay their fears.

Rama Rani Rathi, former councillor of DLF Phase I, said, “Such is the fear that guards often accompany residents to the gates. Residents have stopped going for evening walks. In 2012, 13 residents of the society were bitten by monkeys. Children, too, are not allowed to play in the parks and gardens any more.”

Another resident from Palam Vihar, Tanya Jain, said, “Last year, I forgot to shut the balcony door while watching TV. A few minutes later, I had a baby monkey watching TV with me in the room! He then jumped towards the fridge and made away with the bananas. I was horrified.”

The most affected areas are DLF Ph I and III, Mayfield Garden, Maple Crescent, Palam Vihar, and HUDA sectors 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 14, 15, 17 and 23.

Gurgaon deputy commissioner Hardeep Singh said he would look into the matter and take remedial steps promptly.