Increase in FAR ruled out to the delight of homebuyers
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Increase in FAR ruled out to the delight of homebuyers

If permission is given to increase the FAR, builders would use the extra space to erect buildings denying residents space for common usage.

Increase in FAR ruled out to the delight of homebuyers

In a move that is bound to please flat buyers across Noida, the Noida Authority has decided not to grant permission to private developers to increase the floor area ratio (FAR). The decision was taken in a meeting between members of the NCR Home Buyers Group and the ACEO of Noida Authority, PK Agrawal.

A proposal pending with the authority to increase the FAR was strongly resisted by homebuyers.

Founder of NCR Home Buyer Group, Navneet Sarin, recalled that in February, the Noida Authority had solicited views from general public on whether or not to increase the FAR. Consequently, as many as 500 homebuyers from different sectors of the city met the officials of Noida Authority and conveyed their displeasure for the proposal.

On Wednesday, the authority convened a joint meeting to listen to the point of view of the homebuyers which turned the tables in favour of the buyers. The meeting was attended by around 30 representatives of different housing apartments.

Alok Trivedi, a homebuyer who was present at the meeting, said if a realtor is given permission to increase the FAR, he would use the extra space to erect buildings and sell them to other buyers. While the builder can make extra money by deviating from the sanctioned plan, residents will have to compromise on the areas earmarked for common usage.

Sarin, who is a lawyer by profession, said, “Increasing the FAR in an existing project is not legal. If it is done, it would be violation of the norms of laid down in UP Apartment Act 2010. The Act says, “Specifications and other particulars specified in the sanctioned plan by the sanctioning authority become binding when agreement of sale is done. And any change without the consent of the buyer is illegal".

He said even minor additions or alterations that a promoter might want to make, as may be required by the owner, have to be duly recommended and verified by authorised architect or engineer after proper declaration and intimation to the owner.

After listening to their grievances, Agrawal assured them that the proposal to increase FAR is meant for only industrial sector and would not be applicable to residential projects.