Gzb: Now you can have your stray dogs and feed them too
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Gzb: Now you can have your stray dogs and feed them too

A one-of-its-kind meeting was held between FedAOA, animal lovers, and the AOA and residents of Parsvnath Regalia, Ghaziabad, to decide feeding spots for stray dogs inside the society. Now that's a step forward!

Gzb: Now you can have your stray dogs and feed them too

Animal lovers and members of FedAOA have joined hands to bridge the gap between stray animals and residents of high-rise societies. In a first-of-its-kind meeting, held at Parsvnath Regalia, in Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad, animal lovers, FedAOA members, members of the AOA and residents of the society came together to demarcate areas inside the premises for feeding stray dogs. They also educated residents on dog behaviour, so they could understand stray animals better.

Speaking to City Spidey, FedAOA member Pooja Shrivastava, who was part of the meeting, said the federation was trying to get AOAs, animal lovers and residents on a common platform, so stray-animal-related issues could be sorted out amicably.

Rohit Sinha, general secretary of the society’s AOA, said, “Such meetings are necessary. These will be an important step in sorting out stray-dog issues, which have been causing a lot of unrest in societies. As a first step, we have started painting the feeding points in the society and will ensure that all residents who feed dogs do so there.”

Jaishree Bansal, from the organisation Helping Hand For Animals, who was present at the meeting, said workshops for improving the interaction between residents and stray dogs were crucial these days. “We will conduct as many workshops as we can to educate residents,” she said.

PK Kesri, an animal lover in the society, said that in larger societies there had to be more than one feeding spot. “If the food wasted by all residents in the society is fed to stray dogs, they won’t go scavenging in garbage heaps for food, and it'll be a much cleaner and more peaceful society. Though this is not a fool-proof solution, it is worth a try,” he added.

A few dogs in Parsvnath Regalia were also picked up for sterilisation by People For Animals (PFA) as part of the awareness drive.

Pooja Shrivastava added that more such drives would be carried out, especially in residential societies in Indirapuram. “Societies such as Amrapali Village, Jaipuria Sunrise Greens, Niho Scottish Gardens and Shipra Krishna Vista are in the line for such workshops,” she said.

About 14 dogs were also picked up from around Amrapali Village by PFA for sterilisation today. Sumedha Iyer, district president of PFA, said, “The dogs are first spayed and kept under watch for three days. If they do not show any complications, they are released back where they were picked up from. Sterilisation is a very important factor in handling stray-dog issues.”