Transforming Dwarka one park at a time...
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Transforming Dwarka one park at a time...

The Federation of RWAs of Sector 9 (FORWAS) has been meeting DDA officials to seek their assistance in developing the sub-city's parks.

Transforming Dwarka one park at a time...

The Federation of RWAs of Sector 9 (FORWAS) has been working on developing Dwarka's parks for quite some time now. FORWAS has been meeting the authorities for support in the initiative.

Recently a team from FORWAS met the chief engineer of Delhi Development Authority (DDA), Dwarka, and asked for assistance.

"We have already transformed a park in Sector 4," said Advocate KS Bhati, president of FORWAS and president of Ganpati Apartments, Sector 9. "We have planted saplings, installed benches and shelters, and set up open gyms. We want to develop the parks in sectors 3 and 5 on similar lines. We kept meeting the DDA officials until the park in Sector 3 had water supply."

"At the recent meeting with the chief engineer, we submitted our suggestions in writing. He agreed to support us in our cause," added Bhati.

FORWAS has also arranged numerous tree-planting and plant-adoption drives in the sub-city. Thanks to the group's efforts, Ganpati Apartments, Bhrigu Apartments, Sri Radha Apartments and Paradise Apartments now have a lush neighbourhood park.

"We also carry out drives, wherein residents name and adopt plants," said RP Gupta, a resident of Sri Radha Apartments and senior secretary of FORWAS. "We carry out tree-planting drives on occasions such as Holi, Diwali, Rakhi, birthdays, marriages and anniversaries. We want this concept to be adopted in as many areas as possible."

FORWAS, in the meeting with the chief engineer, also focussed on other civic issues. General secretary of FORWAS, MK Singh, who is a resident of DDA Pocket 2, said the chief engineer was informed about the poor condition of roads and commercial vehicles commuting through the service lanes of the sector.