Toilet or store room?
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Toilet or store room?

Noida Sec 15A RWA asks Noida Authority whether the Lawn Bistro has permission to use a public toilet as a store room.

Toilet or store room?

The RWA of Sector 15A, Noida, has alleged that two public toilets in the area have been encroached upon by a restaurant owner, who uses them as store rooms. The RWA has sent a letter to Noida Authority (see Letter 1 below) seeking clarification on whether the restaurant has permission to do so. It has also asked whether it is legal to use public space for operating an open restaurant.

Owners of the Lawn Bistro restaurant, however, say that since the two public toilets faced the restaurant and were in "total disuse", they decided to use them as store rooms. They, however, also built two new toilets for public use, so they would not be inconvenienced. They added that they had Noida Authority's permission to do so. 

However, when City Spidey contacted Mohammad Ishrat, project engineer, Noida Authority, he said they have not received any letter yet. “We are unaware of this issue. But if we receive a complaint, we will act upon it,” he said.

Ashok Chaturvedi, general secretary of Sector 15A, said, “The RWA has complained to Noida Authority about the matter, but is yet to receive a reply.”

"The Authority had built this as a public toilet. How can an individual start using it on a whim?” he added.

The security consultant of Sector 15A, Sidhanth Sharma, told City Spidey, “Though there are two more public toilets in the sector — one for men and the other for women — it inconveniences the guards and the sweepers, as they have only one toilet to use.”


The toilets that RWA claims is being used as store rooms.


Letter 1


A copy of the letter sent by the restaurant owners to the RWA.


(PHOTO CREDIT: Samrat Roy)