Beware, gold chain snatchers are on the prowl in Gurgaon
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Beware, gold chain snatchers are on the prowl in Gurgaon

Sector 56, MG Road, Sector 5, and Palam Vihar have become particularly vulnerable as motor cycle borne chain snatchers target these areas. Ninety per cent of the cases remain unsolved. 

Beware, gold chain snatchers are on the prowl in Gurgaon

Gold, that glittering yellow metal, has since times immemorial lured the women folk and has them hooked. But even the tricksters, frauds and robbers are attracted to this metal because of its high value – as even few grams of gold will yield good returns with its price on an upward spiral. Increasingly, women are being targeted by the gold chain snatchers on the prowl in Gurgaon, like elsewhere in different cities.

All that police can do is step up vigil, but the gangsters are a step ahead of them as the police cannot be everywhere. Gurgaon has and is witnessing a spurt in chain snatching incidents – all with similar modus operandi two-wheeler borne miscreants waylaying the elderly women wearing gold. And the operations last merely a fraction of a minute and the gold and its snatchers are gone.

The latest such incident has a retired school principal and his wife, residents of Sector 57, as victims. In this case, a youth on a powerful motor cycle, accosted the duo on their way to the market and engaged them in a conversation. And in no time, he had snatched two gold chains and was gone in a matter of few seconds. The incident took place in broad daylight.

Gurgaon has witnessed a whopping 203 cases this year and 90 per cent of them are still under investigations. Chain snatchers have been striking on important festival days, where at least six to seven cases are reported on such days.

In the last seven days, 12  chain snatching incidents were reported. The weekends are becoming a nightmare for the women as it was on a weekend that six cases were reported in a matter of hours.

Six more chain snatchings were reported just a couple of days ago. Areas including Sector 56, MG Road, Sector 5, Palam Vihar among others have become the most targeted areas.

As per the modus operandi reported in the recent chain snatching cases in the city, more often than not lonely women are targeted. The offenders, drive a motorcycle pretend to ask for some address and in the short time during which the woman tries to respond, the accused snatch gold and flee from the spot. In other cases, the accused sneak up behind the victim and zoom away after grabbing the chains.

DCP (East) Deepak Saharan said, “The accused are using fast bikes for the snatching and these days the youngsters are involved in such activities. In most of the cases, we found that the motorbikes used were stolen”.

The city police attempt to trace the criminals proved futile so far with 90 per cent of cases reported this year still are unsolved. Last year, 348 chain snatching cases were reported in the city, out of which 218 cases were closed and 130 are still under investigation.