It is dangerous to drive through Ghata village in Sec 55, Gurgaon
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It is dangerous to drive through Ghata village in Sec 55, Gurgaon

Over 100 accidents in two years, many of them fatal, few instances of carjacking make the road passing through Ghata village a killer. 

It is dangerous to drive through Ghata village in Sec 55, Gurgaon

A steep climb, a dangerous bend and dimly lit – the road passing through Ghata Village in Sector 55 of Gurgaon, has become a killer and a haven for criminals.

In just two years, this stretch of the road has seen over 100 accidents, many of them fatal. It has also witnessed few instances of carjacking at knife and gunpoint.

And it is not just an accident-prone point. Since it is poorly lit, criminals are also having a field day waylaying travellers, stealing cars at knife and gunpoint. Few cases of carjacking reported from the area have spread panic among the residents who have to use the route.

A rise in crime is due to inadequate policing, residents of Sector 55 are sure. Police data shows that in the last 10 months, six cases of carjacking took place on this stretch. “Poor lighting is a major security hazard and safety concern for the commuters. There is an urgent need to ensure that this stretch has proper lighting,” said Ajay Pandita, a daily commuter and a resident of Valley View Apartment on Gurgaon-Faridabad stretch.

The road connects Gurgaon-Faridabad Road to Golf Course Ext Road going towards Badshahpur, Sohna and new areas of Gurgaon. It is being regularly used by motorists coming and going to Faridabad as it connects to South Gurgaon, Sohna, Manesar, Dharuhera, Sohna Road and NH 8.

Deepak Vohra, the daily commuter, and an MNC executive from Faridabad said, “in dark areas, crossing the road becomes doubly difficult. Cars are speeding and it is dangerous for senior citizens and children to cross.”

Another reason for the fatal accidents is that the road is not only steep but it also has a sharp bend. Those using the road for the first time are not aware of the topography and often lose control and this causes accidents. The accidents are often fatal and the vehicles are smashed beyond repaid. The dense fog only adds to the woes of the commuters.

Anup Kumar, a daily commuter said, “While the motor vehicles still have effective headlights, it’s the cyclists, two-wheeler riders, and pedestrians who suffer due to poor lighting on service lanes.”

For the people who have houses near the road, there is constant danger of vehicles crashing into their compound.

DCP (Traffic) Balbir Singh admitted that there was this problem and said they were trying their best to step up policing. At the same time, the police is trying to get the authorities to tackle the issue of poor lighting on the road.

“We have written to HUDA to improve lighting, put more signages, and dividers. Our teams are deployed during nights and in day time also they visit the stretch,” the traffic police official said outlining the steps being taken to make the area safer for motorists and pedestrians.