GreNo parks: You can walk but you can't sit
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GreNo parks: You can walk but you can't sit

Residents of the newer sectors complain there are no benches or swings in the neighbourhood parks.

GreNo parks: You can walk but you can't sit

The newer sectors of Greater Noida have parks, but no swings or benches. So where do tired residents sit after a long walk? On the ground, complain many residents.

According to some, the parks in the Alpha, Beta and Gamma sectors have proper benches and swings installed, but those in the Omicron, Mu, Xu and Zeta sectors remain neglected, even after several reminders. 

Vidya Sharma, a resident of Sector Mu, said, “I go for walks every day, but have to take breaks at regular intervals. Since there's nowhere to sit, I have to sit on the grass.”

Rishu Rai, 14, and a resident of Sector Xu, complains he can't go to the park in the neighbourhood, as "there's not a single swing there".

Elam Singh Nagar, president of the Federation of Greater Noida RWAs, said that he had met Authority officials about the issue.

Anand Mohan, senior manager of Greater Noida Authority's horticulture department, told City Spidey, “There are many sectors where we still need to instal benches and swings. Many swings also need repairs. We will fix those on a priority basis.”