RWA to help turn waste into manure
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RWA to help turn waste into manure

Sector 28 RWA in association with Municipal Corporation of Gurugram will be taking up waste segregation drive so that it can be processed into manure. Segregation of garbage forms the key element of this drive.

RWA to help turn waste into manure

Sector 28 RWA has decided to begin an awareness drive on segregation of garbage, in association with the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG). At a meeting with the MCG on Saturday, the association decided to take the initial steps in waste management that will eventually lead to turning waste into manure.

For starters, the RWA has formed a WhatsApp group, adding more and more residents to take awareness over the issue.

“The residents have been asked to segregate waste into wet and dry with blue and green bins. We have also requested MCG for designated place where a plant could be installed to turn waste into manure,” said Harsh Jaidka, resident of sector 28

The awareness drive will involve a team of MCG representatives and RWA, who will go from door to door and create awareness about the segregation process.

“We have seen so many condominiums and sectors adopting this. We also want to make this our daily practice so that we can contribute towards waste management in the best possible way,” Harinder Anand, a resident of the sector said.

Speaking to City Spidey, MCG spokesperson Satbir Rohilla said, “we are making efforts to drive all sectors towards segregation of bio degradable waste so that we reduce the amount of garbage that goes to Bandhwari plant.”