Do you know how Dwarka celebrates the rain?
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Do you know how Dwarka celebrates the rain?

By planting saplings. Yes! Supported by the authorities, residents and social organisations have been carrying out such drives across the sub-city to make the most of the monsoon.

Do you know how Dwarka celebrates the rain? Residents plant saplings in Sector 9 park

Residents and social organisations across Dwarka are planting saplings to make the most of the rains. And the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and the municipal corporation are supporting such initiatives by providing saplings.

Recently a plantation drive was carried out by Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi (SDKS) in Sector 22 in front of Janki Apartments and Sadbhavna Apartments along the Road No. 226. It targets to plant about 1,500 saplings while the monsoon lasts, confirmed PB Mishra, SDKS general secretary, and a resident of Chitrakoot Apartments in Sector 22.


DC Mathur, SDKS secretary, help the children to plant the saplings


Talking to City Spidey, DC Mathur, SDKS secretary, and a resident of New Kanchanjunga Apartments in Sector 23, informed that a drive would be carried out tomorrow in Sector 22 along the road from DDA flats in Sector 22 towards Sector 21 Metro station. “Many more such drives will be organised in the coming weeks. We have been carrying out such drives every year during the rainy season,” Mathur added.

Senior Citizens’ Association, Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get-together (ANHLGT), Green Circle, FORWAS (Federation of RWAs in Sector 9) and Rise Foundation are some of the social organisations and resident bodies that have played an instrumental role in these drives.


A drive under way in Sector 7


FORWAS general secretary MK Singh said, “We plant saplings almost every week, as we’ve made it a tradition to plant and adopt trees on special occasions such as birthdays and marriage. And during the rainy season, we carry out drives across the city. This weekend, we’ll be planting saplings in the neighbourhood parks. Our members planted some saplings in Park No. 4 yesterday to celebrate a birthday. So, we are on a mission to make the area green.”

Munish Kundra from Sector 7, also a nature lover, has been doing the same with his like-minded friends. He shared, “We have decided to plant trees of medicinal values, which improve the quality of air. We also planted a few fruit-bearing trees. Recently, we did jamun [black plum] saplings in the parks.”