MCG to prune thickets in Sector 28
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MCG to prune thickets in Sector 28

The MCG, acting on requests from residents, gets down to action to control breeding of mosquitoes this monsoon.      

MCG to prune thickets in Sector 28

Acting on requests from residents of Sector 28, Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has started to prune the overgrown bushes on the roadsides and other vacant plots in the sector.  

With the rains in, the bushes have become the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  

The RWA had sent several reminders on the matter to MCG.

“We had asked for the thicket to be pruned. They have started the process in some parts of the sector now,” said Harsh Jaidka, a resident of Sector 28.

Grass on the side of roads is also being pruned.

“The workers say they have access to only one machine. The authorities must increase that number to ensure that all the parts are covered,” said Farookh Madan, a resident.

Speaking on the issue, MCG spokesperson Satbir Rohilla said, “We are aware of the problem. We’ll certainly try to speed up the process. The fumigation drive will further help control the breeding of mosquitoes.”