This vacant plot in Dwarka has made life miserable for everyone near it
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This vacant plot in Dwarka has made life miserable for everyone near it

The plot, adjacent to the HMM society, is a sanitation and a security concern. Why, then, is DDA not addressing the issue, ask residents.

This vacant plot in Dwarka has made life miserable for everyone near it

A vacant plot adjacent to HMM Employee Cooperative Group Housing Society, in Dwarka Sector 10, has turned into a garbage dump and an open spot for defecation. This plot, lying vacant for years, is now becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies. 

In the words of Ragini Malhotra, secretary of Dwarka Welfare Association Sector 10 and a resident of HMM Apartments, “The plot is sandwiched between our society and Mausam Vihar. However, we are the worst sufferers, as the boundary wall of this plot touches that of our society. This makes the society susceptible to the entry of mosquitoes and flies from this plot. The situation deteriorates in the rainy season, when incidences of dengue and chikungunya are rampant. Since I suffered an attack of chikungunya last year, I took the personal initiative to apprise the mayor of the situation.”

Residents also feel that the plot is a security concern. RC Gupta, former vice-president of the society, says, “The lack of a proper boundary wall makes the plot a security threat. After all, it is a thoroughfare zone and, this way, anyone can enter our society.”

Gupta adds that letters had been written to DDA about the issue and that it had once undertaken a cleaning drive. “However, nothing happened after that,” he laments.

NN Agarwal, president of the society, whose flat is close to the vacant plot, is one of the worst sufferers of mosquitoes, flies and the stench. “The plot has become a dhalao. The authorities should first prohibit the dumping of waste and then ensure the plot is cleaned regularly. We have even requested the mayor to look into this,” he adds.

Residents of the society feel that a proper fence could help resolve the issue, and that DDA needs to identify the owner of the plot, so the onus of cleanliness and a boundary wall can be placed on him or her.

Commenting on the issue, a DDA official said they ere prepared to address the concerns.