Viral outbreak alert in Noida!
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Viral outbreak alert in Noida!

The current unsettling weather, with high levels of humidity, and the prevailing unhygienic conditions have hastened the arrival of a viral outbreak in the city. 

Viral outbreak alert in Noida!

Here’s something to worry about. Noida is witnessing a steady rise in cases of viral fever — hospitals claim over 50 per cent!

The current unsettling weather, with high humidity levels, and prevailing unhygienic conditions are responsible for this worrying trend, say health experts. And, recurrent protests by sanitation workers have just made things more difficult, residents feel.

Patients suffering from viral fever have been crowding major hospitals of Noida. Nearly 1,000-1,100 patients are flocking to the internal medicine OPD of the District Hospital. About 500 to 700 patients are down with viral fever — just until a week ago that number stood between 300-350.

BP Singh, a senior doctor from Noida, said, “This year, the number of patients suffering from viral fever has started to increase a month ahead of the usual time. Usually, viral outbreaks happen sometime in mid-August, but this year, things got bad from July.”

Dr Zinat Ahmed from Jaypee Hospital said, “Cases of viral fever have shot up since the last one week —  and that number is set to increase in the coming days.”

Special arrangements have been made in the District Hospital for patients suffering from viral fever, confirmed Ajay Agarwal, chief medical superintendent. He said, “The rains and the bad sanitation situation of the city are responsible for the outbreak. We are also creating awareness among patients — what preventive steps they can take to prevent a relapse.”